Nuevo León: Mexico police rescue 34 migrants kidnapped from bus

Police rescued 34 migrants in Nuevo León; They denied having been kidnapped in San Luis Potosí

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  • the bus had been found in Nuevo Leon on Wednesday
  • The rescued migrants, includes ten minors

A profound occurrence unfolded on the evening of May 17, when the astute agents of the Investigative Police (PDI), hailing from the revered bastions of the San Luis Potosí State Attorney General’s Office (FGESLP), stumbled upon a concealed farm nestled in the realms of New Lion.

Within its confines lay a distressing tableau, a staggering tally of 34 migrants, tragically stripped of their fundamental liberty.

As affirmed by the official report of this esteemed institution, this cohort of the disenfranchised included ten resolute men, fourteen valiant women, and ten vulnerable minors. Their emancipation came to fruition within the idyllic sanctuary of the Cruz de Elorza community, nestled in close proximity to the domain of Doctor Arroyo.

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The discovery of this surreptitious enclave was made possible after an arduous stretch of over six hours, during which an unwavering and intensive operation was launched in response to distressing reports of no less than 50 migrants being held captive in recent days.

In the wake of liberating the aforementioned 34 individuals, ensnared within the boundaries of the Neoleonese state, representatives of the FGESLP undertook the solemn duty of engaging in poignant dialogues with the victims.

These exchanges unearthed a startling revelation, one that shattered prevailing assumptions. It transpired that the victims had not fallen prey to abduction within the anticipated confines of San Luis Potosí, but rather, their liberty had been cruelly snatched away in the township of Los Medina, situated within the expansive municipality of Doctor Arroyo.

Specifically, the testimonies revealed that their captors brazenly argued that the bus in which they were traveling had purportedly traversed the region on multiple occasions without arousing any suspicion or reporting.

The successful location and rescue of these 34 migrants were made possible through the steadfast collaboration of uniformed officers from the esteemed ranks of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena). Their resolute presence and unwavering commitment elevated this grand undertaking, culminating in a symphony of triumph and redemption.

It is imperative to note that this remarkable rescue operation transpired mere hours after the liberation of an additional six migrants, a contingent comprising five courageous men and one innocent minor liberated from the clutches of captivity in Nuevo León.

This extraordinary saga of fortitude and deliverance continues to unfurl, a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who dare to defy the confines of adversity.

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