Africa enters epic global Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation race, joining world’s tech capitals as an epicentre for digital advancement

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The AI frenzy sweeping through businesses, governments, and societies globally is also sparking waves of innovation throughout Africa.

This transformative technology’s potential is driving a surge of investment across the continent, showcased at the AI Everything Expo by GITEX AFRICA in Morocco next month.

Africa’s significant AI opportunity is already reshaping digital advancements in various sectors, including finance, agriculture, healthcare, and mobility.

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This momentum fuels a thriving AI market projected to grow by 30 percent annually over the next six years, reaching a value of US$17 billion by 2030, according to analysts at Statista.

However, despite the massive potential, there are notable challenges in talent development, venture allocation, policy, and infrastructure, which need to be addressed.

These critical issues and opportunities will take center stage as leading AI experts and influential stakeholders gather to accelerate Africa’s tech landscape at the AI Everything Expo by GITEX AFRICA, the continent’s premier platform for AI exploration and deep tech innovation.

Scheduled from May 29th to 31st, 2024, in Marrakech, this tech showcase will feature global tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, Nvidia, and Google, alongside numerous ambitious AI startups from around the world, all with bold visions to leverage AI to transform Africa’s future.

Microsoft, as the official AI Partner of GITEX AFRICA, is at the forefront of AI investment, forging partnerships with leading AI developers such as G42 from the UAE.

Microsoft’s recent US$1.5 billion strategic investment in G42 to accelerate AI development in growing economies like Africa underscores the commitment to drive AI innovation across the continent.

Lillian Barnard, President of Microsoft Africa, sees AI as a catalyst for unlocking investment opportunities in Africa, stating, “Africa has long been recognized for its formidable growth prospects, and AI is the long-awaited key to help unlock that potential.” She emphasizes the transformative power of AI across various sectors and the need for responsible deployment to benefit people and organizations across the continent.

Dr. Adel Alsharji, COO of Presight, highlights Africa’s rapid adoption of AI, noting that the continent’s AI journey is gaining momentum, driven by economic growth and a growing demand for AI-related jobs.

The AI Everything Expo will bring together leading minds and innovators in AI at the AI Everything Conference, offering insights from prominent speakers such as Dragoș Tudorache, Mactar Seck, and Jepson Taylor.

The exhibition floor will showcase how AI is driving innovation across industries, with exhibitors demonstrating its impact on education, agriculture, transport, retail, energy, and logistics.

One standout example is Clinify, a Nigerian startup revolutionizing healthcare through AI-powered electronic medical record (EMR) platforms. Founded in 2020, Clinify seeks to digitize medical records in Africa, addressing the urgent need for centralized and digitized healthcare systems across the continent.

Under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of the Kingdom of Morocco, GITEX AFRICA is held in partnership with Morocco’s Digital Development Agency, reflecting the commitment to drive digital transformation across Africa.

The event, organized by KAOUN International, follows its successful debut in 2023, showcasing Africa’s growing influence in the global AI revolution.

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