B.C. human rights commissioner calls out anti-LGBTQ rallies planned across Canada

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In the realm of British Columbia’s human rights landscape, the ever-vigilant Kasari Govender, the Human Rights Commissioner, finds herself deeply perturbed by the looming specter of “hate-fuelled marches.”

These unsettling events, slated to unfold in various communities across the province and throughout the expanse of Canada, have cast a shadow of concern.

The orchestrators behind this movement, known as “1MillionMarch4Children,” have plastered their message on posters, boldly declaring their stance as they proclaim to “stand together against gender ideology in schools.” This rhetoric is a direct reference to the contentious discourse surrounding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity programs currently integrated into British Columbia’s public school curriculum.

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In response to this mounting tension, Commissioner Govender issues a resolute statement, affirming the value of peaceful demonstrations in safeguarding our democratic principles and fostering robust dialogue. However, she emphatically underscores a crucial point: the human rights of the transgender and LGBTQ community are not subjects open to debate.

A comprehensive inquiry conducted by her office has unveiled a disheartening reality. Nearly two-thirds of LGBTQ students find themselves ensnared in an environment that fails to provide a sense of security, a stark contrast to the mere 11 percent of their heterosexual counterparts who share such concerns. Efforts aimed at erasing the LGBTQ community from the educational tapestry are unequivocally deemed as acts of hostility.

Beyond the provincial boundaries, the City of Whitehorse remains cognizant of a scheduled march set to unfurl its banners on the 20th of September within the Yukon city limits. In a firm declaration, the city authorities assert their stance against any form of anti-LGBTQ messaging that targets their community members, vowing zero tolerance.

The meticulous eye of Whitehorse’s bylaw officers is keenly focused on the impending march, coupled with the presence of a counter-protest. The local authorities have enlisted the services of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to oversee the unfolding events.

In a poignant rejoinder, Commissioner Govender offers a plea to those individuals who perceive themselves as guardians of their offspring’s welfare. She underscores a crucial truth: the removal of vital school-based support systems for gay, bisexual, trans, and other students stems from a place of misinformation.

“As a parent, I plead with those who may think they are protecting their children: Erasing LGBTQ2SAI+ people from our curriculum will not change your child’s identity, but it will make schools, and the LGBTQ2SAI+ people in them, less safe,” she avows in a steadfast statement.

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