Why I Married A Younger Lover – Actress, Blessing Obasi

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Popular Nigerian actress, movie producer, and entrepreneur, Blessing Jessica Obasi finally opens up on the reason why she decided to marry a man younger than her.

The two love birds kept their romantic relationship away from the public eye, until photos of the pre-wedding of them dropped which took a lot of people by surprise due to their age difference.

The Nollywood actor, Stanley Ebuka Nzediegwu, otherwise known as Stan Nze, and his colleague, Blessing Jessica Obasi got married in a beautiful, colourful wedding ceremony attended by family at close friends In September 11, 2021.

The lovers shared their love story on Valentine’s day, February 14th, 2022, in an interview with allure.vanguardngr.

Stan Nze Blessing Jessica Obasi
Stan Nze and Blessing Jessica Obasi

During the interview Stanley when asked how it all started and who first made the move responded by saying that there was nothing like someone making the first move but instead, they both felt the same way and jumped into it.

Blessing Obasi Reacts:  reacting to why he chose to marry a man younger than her, and if that may be tough for her said age is just a number and that the most important thing is that they both love each other.

“Age is just a number, what matters is the two hearts that beat as one” she said.

According to Blessing Obasi, she never thought she will be marrying her colleague in the movie industry because she thinks men who are in the Entertainment industry cannot stay with one woman.

“Absolutely not. Never. I never would have imagined that I’d get married to my colleague or even anyone in entertainment because I used to think men in entertainment cannot stay with one woman, they are cheats. I saw them as promiscuous people and so I never saw it coming at all.” Blessing told allure.vanguardngr.

Asked what she would like to change about her husband, the actress said, there is nothing she feels like changing since she is happy and in peace.

“I’d say absolutely nothing. I’m happy with the peace that I enjoy with my husband and he is a man that strives daily to be better. I’m not aiming at changing anything, absolutely not” she added.

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