Bukayo Saka’s appalling racist abuse after missing a penalty against West Ham

By Xorkpe Sosu 3 Min Read

Arsenal forward Bukayo Saka, failed to convert a penalty kick during the team’s match against West Ham in the Premier League, which ended in a 2-2 draw.

However, the incident led to an appalling wave of racial abuse that has been posted and circulated on social media platforms.

Saka, who is also an England international, has been the target of this abuse following the match, which saw Arsenal lose a two-goal lead and walk away with only a point.

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If Bukayo Saka had scored the penalty he missed during Arsenal’s match against West Ham, the team could have secured three important points in their quest to win the Premier League.

However, they ended up settling for a 2-2 draw.

The racial abuse Saka received on social media after the match has brought back memories of the abuse he faced after missing a crucial penalty during England’s Euro 2020 final.

Despite this, he has since become one of the national team’s star players. Saka received a racist message on social media after the West Ham game, which some users have condemned.

The academy graduate has been a key player in Arsenal’s push for the title, and many have come to his defence.

Many people have rushed to defend Bukayo Saka on social media, highlighting the significant role he has played in Arsenal’s success this season.

One Twitter user stated, “Saka has been impressive since the beginning of the league and I also think it’s safe to say without Saka in that team Arsenal would be hanging at their normal 5th position.”

“Today Saka missed a penalty and you lots came up with this. You lots are disgusting racists.”

Another said, “Being racist towards saka the moment he screws up or under any circumstance is so disgusting and shameful.”

“Being racist towards Saka the moment he screws up or under any circumstance is so disgusting and shameful,” said one user on Twitter.

Another user said, “Being racist to players who have a bad game will forever grind my gears. Leave Saka alone.”

Several supporters have reported the offensive content, and it is understood that Arsenal has taken action by blocking the offending account.

The club is also working with technology experts to identify the individuals responsible for the abuse.

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