Ghanaian lady Goes Missing After Visiting a Friend in Nigeria

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Celine Ndidum and Afiba Abigail Tandoh

There is increasing pressure on the Nigeria Police Force to find a young Ghanaian woman who disappeared without explanation after visiting the nation with a partner. 

The case is unsettling since it concerns Afiba Abigail Tandoh, whose whereabouts are unknown after she travelled to Nigeria with her friend Celine Ndidum.

In the Nigerian business hub of Aba in Abia State, there is grave concern that Afiba may have been abducted. 

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Afiba Abigail Tandoh, whose passport number is G3907849, set out on the journey with her Nigerian companion Celine Ndidum in order to attend a friend’s wedding in Nigeria. 

Sadly, though, Afiba vanished from view soon after arriving in the nation, raising alarm and igniting a coordinated hunt to find out where she was. 

Due to the Ghanaian woman’s apparent determination to participate in other economic endeavours, where she supposedly encountered her waterloo, the wedding ceremony was put off.

Afiba and Celine met up with another acquaintance, Adiani Blessing Onyinye, whose wedding was called off at Garden Heights Estate in GRA, Port Harcourt on April 19, 2024, after the wedding they had planned to attend was unexpectedly cancelled. 

The two then travelled to Aba, Abia State, on April 27, 2024, ostensibly to meet with Celine’s associate about a business deal involving pet-related endeavours—a field in which the Ghanaian guest specialises. Afiba and Celine had promised to return by April 29. 

They had last been spotted at the Panyu Hotel and Resort in Abia before their disappearance from public view became concerning. When rumours of a potential kidnapping situation surfaced on Sunday, April 28, concern about the two women’s whereabouts sharply increased. 

Afiba Tandoh’s phone sent an urgent WhatsApp message to a mutual acquaintance in Port Harcourt, instructing them to notify the authorities right away. 

The message also featured a live location marker. After receiving this distress call, the Aba Anti Kidnapping Squad was notified right away. 

They were asked to work in tandem with the Nigeria Police Force to speed search and rescue operations in an attempt to locate the missing individuals. Afiba Abigail Tandoh vanished mysteriously in a foreign country, leaving family members distressed and officials concerned. 

These factors make it much more urgent to determine the circumstances surrounding her upsetting departure. The need to find Afiba and her companion highlights the severity of protecting people crossing borders and the crucial role law enforcement plays in acting decisively in such heartbreaking incidents of missing persons.

 This is especially true as waves of speculation reverberate through the Ghanaian community.

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