Kane Acknowledges Manchester United’s Tough Period, Recognizing Their Potential Resurgence

By Xorkpe Sosu 3 Min Read

Harry Kane anticipates a challenging encounter for Bayern Munich against Manchester United on Wednesday night, despite the current struggles faced by the Red Devils.

In an eagerly anticipated Champions League clash this week, Bayern will host Manchester United in their inaugural group stage match, aiming to sustain their impressive form and exacerbate their opponents’ recent string of disappointing outcomes.

Erik ten Hag’s squad endured a 3-1 defeat at home against Brighton on Saturday, leaving them with just six points from five matches—a period accurately characterized as a “difficult moment” by Kane regarding the Dutchman and his team.

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Nevertheless, the England captain affirms that his team will not underestimate their opponents and remains prepared to confront a motivated adversary eager to demonstrate their prowess.

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“It’s going to be a difficult match,” Kane remarked to Sports Illustrated, sharing his expectations for Wednesday evening.

“I know Manchester United are having a difficult moment, but sometimes teams like that are dangerous because they’re always looking to come back in a big way.”

“So we have to be prepared for them and of course we want to get the crowd behind us as early as possible on Wednesday in front of our home crowd and approach the game with a lot of intensity.”

“The Champions League is always special and my first game with Bayern Munich will stay with me – so I hope it goes well.”

Kane has unsurprisingly enjoyed a strong start in the Bundesliga following his transfer from Tottenham this summer, netting four goals in his initial four appearances.

Nonetheless, his transition hasn’t been entirely smooth, as his family has remained in London, presenting its own set of challenges.

When questioned about what he yearns for from England, he responded:”The only thing I miss at the moment is my family because they are still in London at the moment.”

“If we can find a house here and move here, that would be great. Otherwise everything is okay, I’ll just take it easy.”

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