Having Children Better Than Getting Married: Brother Sammy Alleges

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Award-winning gospel performer Brother Sammy is back with another divisive statement, this one touching on marriage.

The Nation’s Prophet, as Bro Sammy refers to himself, recently told JoyPrime that having children is much preferable to get married.

He elaborated on his argument by noting that whereas children are always there for you, spouses have a propensity to “varnish” when there is difficulty. He said as such;

“As for me having children is better than getting married. Because if you are bedridden, your children will be beside you, and your wife or husband can decide to leave you for another.”

Brother Sammy told a tale about a husband who disregarded his pregnant wife’s cries for assistance as she went into labor to support his theory. He emphasized how many relationships have broken down into bitter rivalries.


Therefore, he compared marriage to a cage and advised people to take their time and prepare before entering the facility.

“Marriage is cool. But the advice I will give everybody is to not rush into marriage. It’s a cage. Don’t rush into marriage because some people have married and are dying. Marriage has killed many people.

“Couples have turned into enemies. So I will tell someone that marriage is good but don’t rush. Children are a huge blessing because some are on a relentless pursuit to have some of their own. To me, it’s better to have children than get married.”

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