How to Care For Your Contact Lenses?

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Contact lenses are a convenient option for people who require vision correction. However, proper care of contact lenses is crucial for maintaining good eye health and ensuring they last as long as possible. This article will discuss how to care for your contact lenses from Dailies or any other brand to ensure they remain in good condition and provide you with clear vision.

Wash Your Hands Before Handling Your Lenses

The first step in caring for your contact lenses is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. This will help remove any dirt, bacteria or other contaminants from your hands that could transfer to your lenses and potentially cause an infection or irritation. It is vital to ensure your hands are dehydrated before touching your lenses.

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Clean Your Lenses Regularly

Cleaning your contact lenses is essential for maintaining their clarity and preventing a buildup of debris, proteins, and bacteria that can cause discomfort or infections. The cleaning process involves rinsing the lenses with a sterile solution, rubbing them gently with a soft contact lens cleaning brush or with your fingertips, and then rinsing them again before placing them in a clean case.

Follow the instructions on the cleaning solution and replace the solution in the contact lens case daily. Never reuse or top off the solution, as it can lead to bacterial growth and contamination. Avoid using water or homemade solutions to clean your contact lenses, as they can cause serious eye infections.

Replace Your Lenses Regularly

Contact lenses have a specific lifespan and must be replaced regularly to maintain optimal vision and eye health. The replacement schedule will depend on the type of lenses you wear, and your optometrist will advise you on the appropriate schedule based on your individual needs.

If you wear disposable contact lenses, follow the schedule provided by your optometrist or the manufacturer. Please do not wear your lenses beyond their recommended replacement date or try to extend their lifespan, as it can lead to infections, discomfort or reduced vision.

Store Your Lenses Properly

Storing your contact lenses in a clean and dry contact lens case is crucial for preventing infections and maintaining their clarity. Rinse your contact lens case with a sterile solution and allow it to air dry between uses. Avoid using tap water or other non-sterile solutions to rinse your lens case, as it can contaminate your lenses and increase the risk of infection.

Never share your contact lenses with anyone, and avoid lending your contact lens case to others. Keep your contact lens case away from pets and small children to prevent accidental contamination or ingestion.

Schedule Regular Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are essential for monitoring the health of your eyes and ensuring that your contact lenses are still appropriate for your vision needs. Your optometrist will also check for any changes in your eye health that may affect your ability to wear contact lenses or require additional treatment.

Summing Up

In summary, proper care of contact lenses from Dailies or any other brand is crucial for maintaining good eye health and ensuring clear vision. Avoid wearing lenses while swimming or taking a shower, clean and replace them frequently, store them correctly, and always wash your hands before touching your lenses. Follow the prescribed replacement schedule and arrange frequent eye checkups to maintain the health of your eyes. By using these suggestions, you may maintain the comfort and health of your eyes while taking advantage of the convenience and advantages of wearing contact lenses.

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