I get tattoos of my ex-boyfriends when they die – Socialite Shakila Details

By Riddy10 3 Min Read

In a candid and revealing YouTube interview, Kenyan socialite Shakila has once again managed to capture the public’s attention, this time by opening up about her extensive tattoo collection and her unorthodox way of commemorating her past relationships.

The controversial influencer, known for her bold statements and unfiltered opinions, shared details about the 19 tattoos adorning her body, with a surprising revelation that 11 of them are dedicated to her ex-boyfriends.

During the interview, Shakila disclosed that she first ventured into the world of tattoos as a way to cope with loss. “I have 19 tattoos in total, 11 are of my ex, I got my first tattoo immediately when my ex-boyfriend died,” she admitted.

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This unique way of remembering her former partners sheds light on her intricate emotional connections and her unconventional approach to processing grief.

However, the conversation didn’t stop at tattoos. Shakila went on to discuss another topic that is rarely touched upon so openly – her sexual history.

She revealed that she has lost track of the number of men she has been intimate with. “I don’t know my body count, if I start counting, I will honestly run mad, but I don’t remember honestly,” she confessed. This unfiltered admission challenges societal norms around discussing personal relationships and confronts taboos head-on.

Shakila’s frankness has been a defining aspect of her public persona, and this interview was no exception. Her willingness to share both the sentimental and the controversial sides of her life has sparked conversations about relationships, intimacy, and self-expression.

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In a world where influencers often curate their image to perfection, Shakila’s unapologetic authenticity sets her apart.

As her story continues to unfold, it’s clear that Shakila’s journey is one of self-discovery, marked by the indelible ink on her skin and the memories she chooses to commemorate.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with her choices, her openness challenges us to rethink our own perspectives on relationships, loss, and the stories we choose to tell through our bodies.

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