Kanye West has removed teeth and replaced with $850K titanium dentures

Kanye West has teeth removed and replaced with $850K titanium dentures modeled after James Bond spy

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Kanye West has taken his eccentricity to a new level by replacing all of his natural teeth with a set of titanium dentures, reportedly costing a staggering $850,000.

The rapper, known for his avant-garde choices, will now be enjoying his meals with dentures that are said to be “more expensive than diamonds.”

The upper and lower sets of these titanium dentures were a hefty investment for Ye. This peculiar move follows rumors of his strict directive against his wife Biance Censori speaking.

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In a showcase of his new dental transformation on Instagram, Kanye posted a picture of his dentures and drew a comparison to the iconic James Bond villain Jaws, played by Richard Kiel.

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Jaws was renowned for his metal teeth in Bond movies like “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Moonraker.”

Dr. Thomas Connelly, based in Beverly Hills, along with Naoki Hayashi, Master Dental Technician, were responsible for fitting Kanye’s new teeth.

Dr. Connelly expressed his pleasure working with Ye throughout the process, emphasizing Kanye’s unique artistic vision in dental design. He stated, “The marriage of his vision with dental science has created a new look that is epic!”

Kanye West has teeth removed and replaced with $850K titanium dentures modeled after James Bond spy
Kanye West reportedly had his teeth removed and replaced with titanium dentures.

This isn’t the first time Kanye has made headlines for his dental choices; he previously flaunted diamond and gold implants on his lower set of teeth during an appearance on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show.

Back in 2010 the rapper showed off the sparkling diamond and gold implants to chat show host Ellen DeGeneres which he claimed had replaced his entire bottom row of teeth.

‘I just thought that diamonds were cooler,’ he told her, saying he asked the dentist to remove his bottom row of teeth and replace them.

A fascinated Ellen asked: ‘It’s not a grill?’

Kanye replied: ‘It’s really my real teeth. I replaced my bottom row of teeth.

‘I guess there’s just certain things that rock stars are supposed to do.’

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