Ha Ha! Man Beats Wife Mercilessly After She Caught Him In Bed With Another Lady

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After pleading guilty to assault charges, a 34-year-old Ugandan man who clobbered his Kenyan wife after she discovered him in their marital bed with another lady on Christmas Day is currently awaiting sentencing.

After being charged before the Makadara Law Courts on December 25, 2022, for allegedly assaulting his wife Aida Nekesa in the Kosovo area of Mathare, Nairobi, Mr. Peter Wakube pleaded guilty.

Around 2 pm, Ms. Nekesa, a housekeeper, came home from work to see Mr. Wakube having sex with another woman.


According to testimony presented in court, she discovered the couple in love after repeatedly knocking on Mr. Wakumbe’s door.

Before neighbors stepped in and saved the complaint, Mr. Wakube attacked her with blows and kicks, threw her outdoors, and continued hitting her for interfering with the romantic moment.

To that effect, Ms. Nekesa was hurt in the face and the abdomen. As a result, she submitted a report at the Mathare police station before being led to the hospital.

In light of this, her P3 form was completed, and the injuries she had were categorized.


Later, police detained Mr. Wakube at the residence.

Police found the complainant’s torn-apart photograph that he had destroyed in a fit of rage.

Before Principal Magistrate Agnes Mwangi, he begged for mercy, claiming he was sorry for his actions.

Meanwhile, as it stands now, the social inquiry report for the offender must be presented before his sentencing on January 24, 2023, under Ms. Mwangi’s directive.



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