Shocking Discovery: Sex Workers Secretly Selling Clients’ Sperm For Dark Rituals! (VIDEO)

By Riddy10 3 Min Read

A shocking revelation has been made about the despicable act of sex workers in Ghana.

According to a media report by TV3, these individuals have been secretly collecting and selling the sperm of their clients to wealthy individuals for ritual purposes.

The report stated that after sexual encounters with their clients, the sex workers collect the sperm in condoms and then carry them away to meet the buyers.

The buyers, who are often referred to as ‘big men,’ are willing to pay exorbitant fees for these droplets of sperm.


TV3’s investigative team uncovered the fact that these sex workers have formed an unholy alliance with hotel workers to ensure a steady supply of sperm.

The workers provide them with condoms, which are then filled with the sperm of clients who stay in the hotels.

Sex Workers Secretly Selling Clients' Sperm For Dark Rituals! (VIDEO)

The report further revealed that the buyers of the sperm use them for different ritual purposes. Some believe that the sperm of successful men can help them become successful, while others use them for wealth rituals.


This practice is not only illegal but also unethical and immoral. It violates the privacy and bodily autonomy of clients who engage in consensual sexual activities with these sex workers. It also exposes them to the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

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The sale of sperm by sex workers is a new dimension in the world of commercial sex work. While sex work is illegal in Ghana, it is prevalent in many parts of the country. The sex workers who engage in this practice are said to be motivated by the desire to make more money.

The media report has sparked outrage among Ghanaians, with many calling for a crackdown on the practice. Some have also called for the prosecution of those involved in the sale of sperm.

In conclusion, the revelation by TV3 has exposed a disturbing trend in the world of commercial sex work in Ghana.

The sale of sperm by sex workers is not only illegal but also immoral and unethical.

The authorities must take swift action to put an end to this practice and protect the rights and dignity of all individuals involved.

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