Shugatiti Drags Pastor to Court Over “Marine Spirit” Claims

By Riddy10 3 Min Read

Abena Serwaa Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Shugatiti, a socialite and restaurant operator, has taken legal action against a pastor and two others for defamation.

She has sued Pastor Frank Gogo, also known as Prophet Ekatso, as well as Msomfo Efia Empress, a TV show host, and Mama Radio GH, the channel she works for.

In an interview with Efia Empress, the pastor alleged that Shugatiti was possessed by a marine spirit and that her restaurant was a conduit for her to possess people, particularly women.

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He also claimed that anyone who visited her restaurant would be possessed by the said spirit. He went further to assert that Shugatiti was sent by the devil to destroy and possess women.

Shugatiti Drags Pastor to Court Over "Marine Spirit" Claims

Shugatiti’s statement of claim states that the defendants’ statements have questioned her character and have been detrimental to her business.

She claims that the defendants alleged that she had obtained her wealth through questionable means and that she was dangerous to women.

Shugatiti is seeking general and aggravated damages for defamation of character, humiliation, embarrassment, and ridicule suffered as a result of the comments.

She also wants damages for the losses suffered by her restaurant and punitive damages to prevent the defendants from committing similar acts in the future. Additionally, she is requesting the interview to be removed from YouTube.

Shugatiti took to Twitter to call out the pastor’s church members to inform him to meet her in court to prove that she is a demon of the sea with evidence of entering the sea. She has also shared the suit on her social media handle.

Shugatiti Drags Pastor to Court Over "Marine Spirit" Claims

The case has caused a stir on social media, with many questioning the pastor’s claims and calling for evidence to back up his statements. Some have also expressed support for Shugatiti and have urged her to pursue the case to its conclusion.

In conclusion, this case highlights the importance of being careful with one’s words, particularly in the public domain.

Defamation can have severe consequences and can damage reputations and businesses. It is essential to verify facts before making statements that could potentially cause harm to individuals and organizations.

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