ASEM! Stonebwoy’s Alledged SideChick Speaks For The First Time (See Details)

By Riddy10 3 Min Read

A wave of speculation and curiosity swept through social media platforms when “Bongo Ideas” claimed that Ghanaian musician Stonebwoy was involved in a secret romantic relationship with a Ghanaian-born woman based in the US, who goes by the Twitter handle @_ohsojah.

This explosive allegation created a buzz in the digital space, leaving many Ghanaians trying to unravel the truth behind the blogger’s claims.

According to the claims made by Bongo Ideas, the Twitter user in question is engaged in a covert affair with Stonebwoy, a renowned Ghanaian musical artist.

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The alleged secret lover resides in the United States, and the assertion is that their connection goes beyond mere friendship.

The blogger’s post suggested that whenever Stonebwoy is in the US, he reportedly spends significant time with this woman, adding to the intrigue surrounding their relationship.

Photos of Stonebwoys alleged beautiful US based sidechick lands online 4

The post asserted that she’s been secretly involved with Stonebwoy for months and claimed she’s one of the women the artist connects with when in the states.

The post read:

“This is Stonebwoy’s secret sidechic based in New Jersey, USA, whom he’s been seeing for months now. She’s one of the hottest b!tches that 1GAD always links up with when in the states. Dr. Louisa, his wife, should be advising herself right now & start packing out!”

However, the woman at the center of this rumor has vehemently denied the claims. She took to Twitter to address the situation and clearly stated that she is not in a secret affair with Stonebwoy.

She used strong words to express her denial, asserting that the claims made by Bongo Ideas should be disregarded.

Her tweet read:

“i am not this man side chick excuse me !!!!!!!!!!!”

With the denial from the woman herself, the situation remains a matter of speculation and debate in the online community.

Meanwhile, Stonebwoy is yet to break silence on the whole issue, hence as we await the artist’s official reaction to the story, let’s check out some photos of 27-year-old Ivy.

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