Texas doctor convicted of poisoning patients by injecting hazardous substances into IV bags

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Texas anesthesiologist caught on video allegedly tampering with IV bags outside the operating room

A Texas doctor, who gained notoriety as a “medical terrorist,” was convicted guilty of inserting life-threatening poison into IVs at his previous North Dallas medical clinic.

A 12-person jury in Dallas, after nearly seven hours of deliberation, found Dr. Raynaldo Ortiz guilty on all ten counts

Ortiz reportedly wore a mask and displayed no emotion as the decision was announced.

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Several patients experienced cardiac problems as a result of Ortiz’s actions, and Dr. Melanie Kaspar passed away after using one of the IV bags, according to the prosecution.

According to federal prosecutors, the anesthesiologist took revenge for a medical malpractice investigation by committing the horrifying atrocities at Baylor Scott and White Surgicare North Dallas. 

Ortiz was charged with putting bronchodilation and nerve blocking medications into IV bags belonging to patients.

On August 19, 2022, surveillance footage showed the physician outside an operating room, inserting an IV bag into a stainless steel warmer. After a few minutes, another employee removed the bag, and shortly after that, a patient allegedly experienced a heart attack. 

On June 21, Melanie Kaspar, Ortiz’s beloved colleague and anesthesiologist, brought a tainted IV bag home for rehydration due to illness. She experienced a severe cardiac episode and passed away almost instantly after the IV was inserted. She was poisoned to death, according to an autopsy, by bupivacaine, a numbing chemical that, according to the Justice Department, “is rarely abused” but is used to reduce pain during surgery.

Texas doctor convicted of poisoning patients by injecting hazardous substances into IV bags
Dr. Melanie Kaspar died after using one of the tainted IV bags.

“Nothing is resolved. Shortly after the verdict, Dr. Melanie Kaspar’s widower, John Kaspar, allegedly stated, “My best friend is gone.” He never seemed to look me in the eye, I believe. It almost seems like you can’t sort through all of your feelings. It floods you.”

The anesthesiologist who found the bags were tainted, John Kaspar, and a teenager who had cardiac arrest during nasal surgery were among the witnesses called to testify during the trial, according to the station.

Two days after Oritz was informed that he was the subject of a disciplinary investigation for his handling of a medical emergency, the events started. He protested that the center was attempting to “crucify” him, according to other doctors.

13 patients had comparable cardiac problems between May and August of 2022; yet, in August, prosecutors only accused the doctor of injuring four of the patients.

Ortiz was placed under arrest pending trial by a judge, following the prosecution’s argument that he posed a risk to the public. The prosecution included a 2015 incident in which Ortiz shot his neighbor’s dog as retaliation for the woman’s assistance in obtaining a restraining order against him following an incident involving domestic violence.

Prosecutors said Ortiz was found guilty on five charges of purposeful drug adulteration, one act of tampering with a consumer product, and four counts of tampering with consumer products resulting in serious bodily injury.

In two to three months, Ortiz is anticipated to get a punishment. His sentence could be life in jail.

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