Forget Haaland – This Man City Player is the Key to Winning the Title

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Manchester City have been making waves in the Premier League this season, with their impressive performances putting them in the running for the title race.

While many attribute the team’s success to the likes of star players like Erling Haaland, there’s another player who’s been flying under the radar but is proving to be a secret weapon for the team – John Stones.

Stones has been putting in solid performances for Manchester City, proving his worth both defensively and offensively.

In a recent match against Leicester City, Stones showcased his versatility by playing as both a right-back and a holding midfielder. He also scored a stunning goal, hooking in a half-volley from the edge of the box, which was celebrated by fans and players alike.


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While Stones’ contribution to Manchester City’s success might not be as obvious as Haaland’s goal-scoring prowess, he has been a key player in the team’s victories. He’s shown that he’s not just a defender, but also a valuable asset in the attacking third.

Haaland, on the other hand, continues to impress with his goal-scoring ability. He scored a brace in the match against Leicester City, bringing his recent tally to 13 goals in five games.

Haaland’s insatiable appetite for goals has been a driving force for Manchester City, and if the title race comes down to goal difference, his contribution will likely be crucial.


Despite their impressive form, Manchester City’s victory against Leicester City wasn’t without its flaws. The team struggled in the second half, and complacency almost led to a comeback from the opposition.

However, the team’s early exit in the match afforded Kalvin Phillips his longest outing in the league since he was a Leeds player.

Overall, Manchester City’s success this season can be attributed to the contributions of many players, not just Haaland.

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Stones has proved to be a valuable asset for the team, showcasing his versatility and proving his worth both defensively and offensively.


With eight more victories in the Premier League, the title beckons for Manchester City, and it’s clear that they have the talent and depth to make it happen.


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