Vladimir Putin blames US for Israel-Gaza conflict

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the United States is responsible for the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

He believes that the problems in the Middle East, especially the Israel-Gaza conflict, are because of the United States’ failed policies.

Putin stated, “I think many people would agree with me that it’s a clear example of the failure of US politics in the Middle East.”

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He made these comments while talking to the Iraqi prime minister who was visiting Russia. Putin also mentioned that the United States has tried to control the efforts to find a solution in the Middle East.

A spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, said that Moscow has been talking to both Israel and the Palestinians to help find a solution to the conflict.

He also mentioned that a visit by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to Moscow had been planned before the war, and the exact date of the visit will be announced later.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov added that the best way to bring peace to Israel is by creating a Palestinian state that can coexist with Israel.

He believes that just fighting terrorism alone will not make the region secure. Lavrov emphasized the importance of both Israel and a Palestinian state living peacefully side by side as the most reliable solution to the conflict.

“We cannot agree with those who say that security can only be ensured through a fight with terrorism,” he said, adding that Moscow was “deeply concerned that hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians have died and that the Gaza Sector has been declared a target for Israeli retaliation.”

Sergei Lavrov said Russia had “serious questions” about Western policy on Israel as “they say that (fighting) should be stopped immediately, that Israel should destroy the terrorists. But this was done before… and never after the situation calmed down did they come to the fact that the main reason (for the conflict) needs to be eliminated. The Palestinian problem should not be delayed further.”

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