We Live In Original Mansions Yet Wear Fake Accessories: B Lord Reveals

By Riddy10 2 Min Read
We Live In Original Mansions Yet Wear Fake Accessories

The well-known Nigerian Bitcoin investor by the name of B Lord, Linus Williams, has sent a warning to individuals living luxurious lives on what life’s actual purpose is.

Despite the fact that individuals like himself reside in real houses, he asserted that all of their watches, footwear, and attire are fake.

In a post on his Instagram page, BLord made this announcement alongside a photo of himself in his wonderful home.

People who spend thousands or millions of dollars on new iPhones and other luxury goods but have no assets or investments to their names appear to be the target demographic for the messaging.

”We wear Fake Watch , Fake wears , Fake shoes , But Live in Original Mansions,” B Lord iterated.

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Meanwhile, townflex has gathered some reactions B lord’s cryptic post attracted. Among them were:

t20luxury; You can have both

joanodenu; We when dey wear original come dey live for trenches Abi 😂😂😂

champagnee_____; Try wear original enter original mansion ones in a while 😢

hotboy_szn; Keep using your last card to buy real Nikes oh Upcoming yhemo lees…… you go hear word when you’re 40 and paying rent for 1 bedroom

sunnyy_all_day; God don’t allow us to appear so rich with no house, wife and business!


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