Baba Spirit did not die from juju, this is what k!lled him: Fred Kyei Mensah says in crytic message

By Riddy10
Baba Spirit did not die from juju, this is what killed him: Fred Kyei Mensah

Social internet has been filled with rumors that the comic Baba Spirit’s death was brought on by juju.

Mr. Kyei Mensah, who has about 24 years of experience with the deceased, disagrees on that point, as seen in a recent post shared on Facebook.

To clear up any confusion, the renowned producer and entertainment expert claimed that Baba’s anemia, which was indicated by his medical history, was what ultimately led to his demise.


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This was Mr. Kyei Mensah’s cryptic message on Facebook:


The death can’t talk. Yes! Indeed the late Francis Yaw Ofori affectionately called, Baba Spirit’s untimely death, is causing disaffection amongst some “loyal” friends, “avowed sympathizers” and “lovely” family members. Abusua do efunu ampa! He was such a handsome black guy with white eyes. I can bet my last pesewa that, some of the family members and sympathizers shedding crocodile tears, never paid attention to him while he was alive likewise, some industry friends.

I have known Baba Spirit for almost 24 years when he decided to do music after school. He will come to my studio crack jokes and begin to talk like a person from the northern part of the country trying to speak the Akan language.

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I encouraged him to develop that talent and the rest is history. Prior to his demise, he granted various interviews and confided in some of us about, his health condition attributing some to spiritual forces in the creative industry trying to eliminate him. He had complained to me about his constant anaemic condition and the bodily pains he encounters. Was he taking his medications regularly? There is juju but, it has its limitations.

Personally, I am not of the view that someone used juju to kill him but, have the deepest conviction about certain medical history he revealed to me personally based on our relationship which I will never put out in the public domain. Waiting for the autopsy report if any. Hmmm.

Let’s put aside the bickering going on between the family, Big Akwess, Quappiah Quappiah and others and give our brother a befitting funeral observation and burial. Indeed, dead men don’t talk.

Kudos to those who were with him on the last days of his journey on this.


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