Finance Ministry led by me, focuses on prudent financial management and strategic resource allocation

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Ken Ofori-Atta

According to former Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta, the Finance Ministry under his direction promoted programmes meant to increase social welfare, accelerate economic growth, and advance infrastructure development through wise financial management and effective resource allocation.

He claimed that as a result of these initiatives, the nation had made impressive advancements.

In a recent ministerial reshuffle led by President Akufo-Addo, Mr. Ofori-Atta was replaced by Dr. Mohammed Amin Adams, Minister of State at the Ministry of Finance.

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He urged the Ministry’s employees to back Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, calling Dr. Adam a wise, modest, and inclusive leader.

He made the remarks that follow in a release: “The future is here with us as we are blessed with a new leader, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, who has been with us through some of the most difficult periods and replaced the venerable Charles Adu Boahen. Let’s gather round the waggons and make sure his management is a blazing success.

“He is a knowledgeable, modest, and welcoming leader, as we all know. In all humility, let me say that nothing would more honor the “Office of the Minister” and myself than for you to continue working tirelessly to lead Hon. Amin and our country towards the successful implementation of the IMF-ECF programme to support economic reform and growth.

“Together, we have overcome obstacles, weathered storms, and won crucial battles for the Republic,” he continued. As I think back on our trip, the seven (7) Budget Statements we created and put into effect over that time serve as a reminder of the work we have accomplished together.

“The three budgets that were passed before 2020 planted the seeds, fostered an incredible economic recovery, and significantly reduced the macroeconomic volatility that we were experiencing. As a result, the economy is now headed towards a healthy recovery. Your dedication and upbeat attitude during our pursuit of the values of irreversibility, financial responsibility, and value for money were extremely impressive.

While making sure that the preferential options for the poor are intentional and encouraging production in the private sector, we also reminded ourselves that we only had two fish and five loaves for the enormous task that lay ahead. 

But since March 2020, the main priorities of our four (4) budgets have been geopolitical upheavals, life safety, livelihood preservation, and recovery from the effects of the genuinely once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, COVID-19. In fact, we at MoF remained steadfast in the face of these poly-crises, acting as the Republic’s Midwives to lessen the suffering of our fellow citizens.

We have undertaken steps to advance social welfare, accelerate economic growth, and advance infrastructure development through strategic resource allocation and prudent financial management. Our nation has advanced remarkably as a consequence of these efforts. 1. Ministry of Finance: Transforming Ghana Beyond Aid with Professionalism, Ethics, Efficiency, and Responsiveness.

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