JSI Embark On Annual Campaign to Protect African Journalists (See Details)

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In a concerted effort to safeguard journalists and their vital role in reporting news, Journalists Sanctuary International (JSI) is gearing up for a series of activities during the month of November.

The non-profit advocacy group, dedicated to promoting the safety and well-being of journalists, is set to launch advocacy campaigns and provide protective gear to media organizations in Africa, commencing with Ghana and Tanzania.

This year marks the second round of gear donations by JSI, as the organization continues its mission to support journalists who often put their lives on the line to uncover and report news of global significance.

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JSI’s initiatives extend beyond the provision of protective gear; the organization is also committed to equipping journalists with the necessary skills to adapt to the rapidly evolving world of journalism.

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They offer training programs focused on contemporary trends in journalism, ensuring that journalists stay relevant in an industry that faces constant change and challenges.

The protective gear to be donated includes military-standard tactical helmets, bulletproof vests, and pepper sprays. These essential items are crucial for the safety of journalists, especially those reporting from high-risk areas and conflict zones.

JSI Embark On Annual Campaign to Protect African Journalists

Leading this advocacy and donation drive are key figures within JSI. Professor Audrey Gadzekpo, Chairperson of the board of directors, is at the forefront of these efforts, alongside Martin Luther Kpebu, another board member, and Latif Iddrisu, the founder and president of the organization.

This wave of advocacy and gear donations serves as a prelude to a major event planned for December, particularly significant as both Ghana and Tanzania are preparing for significant elections in their respective countries.

These initiatives aim to ensure that journalists can carry out their important work, providing accurate and impartial information to the public, even in challenging and sometimes dangerous circumstances.

Several notable media organizations, including the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Citi TV/Citi FM, and the Ghana News Agency, will be among the beneficiaries of JSI’s generous gear donations.

By advocating for journalist safety and providing essential protective equipment, Journalists Sanctuary International is taking a significant step toward creating a safer environment for journalists to fulfill their essential role in society.

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