Ohio votes to legalize marijuana for recreational use

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In Ohio, voters have given the green light to a new law that makes recreational marijuana legal. This means that Ohio becomes the 24th state to go down this path, even in places where people tend to be more conservative.

So, what does this new law actually mean? Well, if you’re 21 or older in Ohio, you can now use, grow, or sell marijuana, but it’s all under strict rules and taxes set by the state. This change will start happening in 30 days. The idea behind this is to treat marijuana like alcohol, and that’s what supporters of this law were talking about during their campaign.

Now, it’s important to know that medical marijuana has been allowed in Ohio since 2016, just like in more than 30 other states. But what’s different now is that Ohio is moving toward letting people use marijuana for fun.

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And Ohio isn’t alone in this journey. There are efforts happening in other states, like Florida, Nebraska, South Dakota, and more, to ask the people if they want to make recreational marijuana legal in 2024. Oklahoma tried to do this too, but it didn’t work out.

Some people didn’t like the idea of making marijuana legal in Ohio, and they ran ads saying it could lead to kids getting marijuana in candy form. They even had police officers in those ads speaking out against it. But despite this, the majority of voters said yes to the new law.

It’s important to mention that even though Ohio says it’s okay, the federal government still sees marijuana as a crime. But President Joe Biden is working on pardoning people with past simple marijuana possession convictions, and the federal government is taking a hands-off approach in states where it’s legal.

There’s more change on the horizon too. The Department of Health and Human Services is suggesting that the Drug Enforcement Administration should ease the rules on marijuana, making it easier to use.

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