Mourinho’s response to Cassano: “Mourinho doesn’t give a shit about soccer.”

By Xorkpe Sosu 2 Min Read

Antonio Cassano criticized Jose Mourinho’s style of play in Rome last week, prompting a response from the Portuguese manager after his team’s victory over Torino. Mourinho has now fired back at the former Italian footballer who had taken a swipe at him.”

If Real Madrid wants a coach they will not qcall Mourinho for their new project,” Cassano said.

Followed by the comment that provoked the response of Mourinho: “Mourinho doesn’t give a shit about soccer. He doesn’t like to work, nor does he know how to communicate or speak, let’s not be fooled by his history.”

Following their 1-0 victory over Torino in Serie A, which elevated them to the third spot in the league, Mourinho addressed Cassano’s comments during the press conference. The Portuguese manager did not hesitate to respond and openly expressed his thoughts on the matter.

“Everyone is free to have their preferences or even to criticize. But when it comes to some, like Antonio Cassano, things are different: he has fun, others work seriously.” 

“Cassano played for Roma, Inter and Real Madrid, in Madrid he is remembered for his coat, with Roma he won a Supercoppa without playing, with Inter he didn’t even win the Coppa Lombardia,” declared Mourinho.

Recalling his track record, Mourinho added. ” On the other hand, you know what I won with Inter, Real Madrid and Roma.”

“He may have a problem with me, but I don’t have a problem with him.”

“I’ll just tell him one thing: be careful Antonio, you’re 40 and I’m 60, sometimes the Marko Livajas come and then it’s hard.”

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