Sandy Hekny Unveils ‘Onyinye’ EP Following Her Female-Only Collaborative Projects

By Philip NeeWhang 2 Min Read

Sandy Hekny is set to enchant the music scene with her groundbreaking debut, the “Onyinye” EP. As an indie powerhouse, she brings to the table a collection of six tracks, all recorded live with a band, offering an experience that’s as genuine as it is electrifying.

Since launching the “Let’s Collaborate” initiative in 2021, Sandy Hekny has been at the forefront of a movement to elevate female artists and creatives. This project has been a beacon of unity, stretching across music production, video creation, and promotional efforts, all in the spirit of collective success and empowerment.

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Onyinye EP Cover Art

The “Onyinye” EP is more than just music; it’s Sandy Hekny’s homage to her African roots, infused with innovative sounds and thoughtful lyrics that pay tribute to her heritage. Sandy navigates through various musical landscapes, tackling themes of identity and belonging, and inviting her audience into a journey of cultural rediscovery.

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Onyinye EP Tracklist

Mark your calendars for March 1, 2024, when the “Onyinye” EP drops on digital platforms everywhere. Sandy Hekny’s fusion of traditional African rhythms with global sounds is poised to make a splash in the music world, offering a fresh and captivating listening experience.

Among her notable contributions to music is “Girls Anthem,” a powerhouse collaboration featuring Amazyn Gee, Euni Melo, and Tyra Meek. This track stands as a testament to Sandy’s dedication to lifting fellow female artists and showcasing the strength and talent of women in music.

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Group photo from Girls Anthem


Sandy Hekny’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in her African heritage, yet her music crosses cultural and geographical boundaries, inviting listeners from all walks of life into her vibrant, musical mosaic. Sandy is not just an artist to listen to; she’s a musical voyage to embark upon, revealing new horizons of musical creativity and collaboration.

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