Vesti Officially Opens Office in Ghana Making Overseas Travel Easy

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In an exciting move, Vesti, a company headquartered in the USA with branches in Nigeria, has now made its grand entrance into Ghana as it expands its doors to more African countries. The company’s goal is to simplify the process of traveling abroad by providing assistance with obtaining visas, tackling financial challenges, and offering comprehensive travel support.

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The significance of Vesti’s presence cannot be overstated. Sometimes, travelling checklists such as the requirement to show proof of sufficient funds for immigrants can be overwhelming, leading to rejections for reasons such as appearances or inappropriate expressions by Ghanaian/African Immigrants – a burden Vesti aims to uplift by assisting travelers with technical support among other things to aid in smooth migration across the world, regardless the huddles they may face.

Vesti, furthermore, takes pride in its ability to provide migration loans to immigrants, a service they have already provided to numerous clients exceeding $1.3 million USD. The company leverages upon their experience, networks, and dedicated research team to bring practical solutions to the challenges people face while traveling, and by having an office in Ghana, now aims at making the dreams of Ghanaians who yearn to travel abroad a reality.

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Vesti Grand Launch 48
Attendees at the launch share excitement

Understanding the importance of legally connecting with immigrants, Vesti emphasizes its social presence and interactions with its customers. This approach reflects the company’s commitment to serving Ghanaian customers more effectively, meeting their evolving needs and providing advisory and tacktical services aimed at making travel easy without major visa rejection risks among other unforeseen/forseen challenges in the destination country.

One highlight of the event launch which occurred on Wednesday 9th August, 2023 at the Airprort Residential Area inside Kwae tarrace was the introduction of Vesti’s new product, “Element by Vesti.” This personalized Business-to-Business (B2B) product is designed to assist business owners who are considering migration or expanding their business abroad. It underlines Vesti’s commitment to offering tailored solutions for various travel needs, even for those with entrepreneurial ventures.

Vesti Grand Launch 46
Panelists share travel insights with attendees.

The launch saw an impressive turnout of attendees, all by invitation. This strategic move showcased Vesti’s focus on expansion to other African countries and its deliberate efforts to establish a strong foothold in the Ghanaian market. The event not only marked the company’s formal entry into Ghana but also demonstrated its dedication to creating a platform that simplifies the journey for Ghanaians aiming to explore the world.

With Vesti’s commitment to innovation, accessibility, and personalized solutions, the company is poised to be a game-changer in the travel assistance industry, connecting Ghanaians to the world like never before.

Vesti Grand Launch 33
CFO of Vesti educates attendees about Vesti


Vesti’s vision is to be the go-to legal and financial services platform for the next 1 billion immigrants. The company is on a mission to be the preferred platform for immigrants before they emigrate, providing information, community and ultimately a smooth transition to immigrants. Through a set of tailored payment products, Vesti delivers hassle-free migration guidance and financial services to immigrants moving to the United States and other top destinations in North America and Europe.

Founded by two brothers who immigrated to the United States, the company is backed by both Africa and US-based investors and boasts of a thriving community of dreamers who represent the next generation of builders.

Vesti Grand Launch 67
Some female attendees at the launch.

Press release by the Company:  Vesti Ghana Launched to Empower Immigrants with Migration and Financial Services

ACCRA GHANA, August 9, 2023 – Vesti, Africa’s leading migration fintech company, proudly announces its official launch in Ghana, introducing an extensive suite of migration and financial services. The launch highlights Vesti’s commitment to empowering immigrants and fostering financial inclusion both at home

and abroad.

Vesti is dedicated to being the go-to provider of tailored assistance and financial services for immigrants, supporting them from the decision to emigrate to their new country and beyond. With a strong commitment to becoming the leading technology platform for the next half a billion immigrants worldwide, Vesti offers vital information, a supportive community, and a seamless transition to their new destination. This vision is fueled by immigrant experiences and backed by Africa and US-based investors, forming the foundation of Vesti’s thriving network of dreamers, shaping the future.

In addition, Vesti’s migration services offer unparalleled guidance for individuals seeking opportunities in the United States, Europe, and beyond. The comprehensive product line includes various visa options, such as the O-1 Visa for extraordinary talents, the EB1/EB2-NIW Visa for exceptional skills, the UK Tech Nation Visa for tech entrepreneurs, and the Canada Startup Visa for innovative startup founders.

Alongside migration solutions, Vesti’s financial services empower immigrants with seamless and secure banking capabilities, including the Virtual Dollar Card and Vesti Wallets for efficient fund management across different currencies, making Vesti a trusted partner for immigrants seeking a brighter tomorrow.

As Vesti expands its footprint to Ghana, the launch event has the primary objectives of increasing brand awareness, driving adoption of the Vesti app, and enhancing the user experience for its Ghanaian communities and users. Above all, it aims to reaffirm Vesti’s position as a category leader within the migration fintech space. Through its bespoke services, Vesti aims to eliminate location barriers for North America-bound startup founders and businesses, empowering them to access new markets with ease.

“Our commitment lies in supporting the next 1 billion immigrants and building a future that addresses the challenges of complex immigration and broken financial infrastructure. We are filled with excitement as we bring Vesti’s transformative solutions to Ghana, supporting the dreams of entrepreneurs and immigrants in the country as a special component of the region.” – Olusola Amusan, Co-founder and CEO of Vesti.

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