Autopsy confirms John Kumah’s death as natural, dismisses poisoning

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John Ampontuah Kumah, the late member of parliament for Ejisu, passed away from natural causes, according to a pathologist’s findings.

The postmortem report of the deceased Deputy Minister for Finance, which was carried out at the Police Hospital in Accra, also excluded the possibility of any toxic substances, like poison, being present in his body.

“Toxicology results for alcohol, common drugs, and poisons were negative,” the report’s toxicology section—which GhanaWeb was able to obtain—read.

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Prior to his passing, the MP was receiving treatment for multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer, according to a previous GhanaWeb article.

Details of the autopsy, dated Monday, March 11, 2024, and addressed to the Coroner at the Kaneshie District Magistrate Court, indicated that “underlying multiple myeloma,” “severe anaemia,” and “congestive heart failure” were the causes of his death.

A family source claims that the report was formally given to the family on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, and that they are currently reviewing it in order to make plans for obtaining the death certificate.

Autopsy confirms John Kumah's death as natural, dismisses poisoning
Autopsy report of John Kumah’s death

Several sources claimed that the deputy minister of finance had been poisoned when he passed away on Thursday, March 7, 2024.

However, a close source of the MP told GhanaWeb that he was receiving treatment for multiple myeloma after receiving a diagnosis in early 2023.

Following the MP’s passing, family members disclosed that he had previously returned from Germany when his health declined, ultimately resulting in his death.

A form of cancer called multiple myeloma affects plasma cells, a subset of white blood cells that aid in the production of antibodies to combat infections.

Uncontrollably growing aberrant plasma cells in the bone marrow push out healthy blood cells in multiple myeloma. Weakened bones, anaemia, kidney disease, and immune system suppression may result from this.

The MP was receiving treatment at the University Hospital of Erlangen in Germany for his ailment, which at one point resulted in a fracture in his left arm, according to GhanaWeb’s source.

The MP was supposed to begin active treatment in Germany on March 12, 2024, but the source claims that he was released from the hospital against the doctor’s instructions in order to participate in the Independence Day festivities on March 6, 2024, before going back for the treatment.

The MP passed away midway through his transfer from Kumasi to Accra due to a decline in his health. It was anticipated that he would be transported back to Germany for medical care.

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