Blakk Rasta: Mahama Has grown Politically, Recognizes ‘Scam’ in Agenda 111

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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer and former president John Dramani Mahama has received praise from artist and media personality Blakk Rasta for his critical stance on public policy.

He believes that Mahama’s assessment of the current government’s Agenda 111 programme as “overly ambitious and non-feasible” is evidence of his political growth and improved problem-solving.

He praised the NDC flagbearer for exercising caution while speaking about political matters and for alerting the government to the fact that the Agenda 111 project is “throwing dust into the eyes of the public.”

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“Mahama has developed politically, and I genuinely agree with some of his viewpoints. Although the speaker is carefully employing euphemisms, he is aware that Agenda 111 is actually Agenda 419 and that it is Satan’s plan to destroy the foundations of our economy and to spew dust in our eyes.

“These are challenging times. He understands in his heart that Agenda 111 is extremely permeable, which is why he is expressing doubts about its viability. He said, “He is aware that Agenda 111 is a fraud,” during the Urban Blend programme that GhanaWeb was watching on 3FM.


Agenda 111, as proposed by the current government, is a very ambitious initiative whose viability cannot be assured, according to John Mahama.

In an Accra conversation with a few clergymen, the former president voiced his doubts about the viability of the government’s Agenda 111 initiative.

Mahama claims that even though the government started the Agenda 111 project, which entails building 80 hospitals, the plan is unrealistic and will be challenging to implement.

A more sensible strategy, he said, would have been to begin with fewer, perhaps forty, and make sure they were finished before taking on more.

“This government began their Agenda 111, as they call it,” he declared. “They began with 80 hospitals.” Although I’m not sure what survey was conducted before to the hospitals’ opening, the majority of them are nearing completion. It makes sense that they would begin with what they can do and work their way up.

Thus, you begin another hospital if you are able to complete and unlock 40. I doubt that many of the 80 hospitals you spread to would have been finished by the time they left office.

The New Patriotic Party’s government health programme, which calls for the construction of hospitals in every Ghanaian district and area, includes the Agenda 111 initiative.

With this project, President Akufo-Addo is delivering on his pledge to expand the country’s healthcare coverage geographically by constructing 111 hospitals during his presidency.

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