Controversy Strikes Tottenham as FIFA Bars Paratici Worldwide

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Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has contacted FIFA to seek further clarification after Fabio Paratici’s ban was extended worldwide.

The club was taken aback by the sudden decision, which came without any advance notice to the organization/club.

Paratici was among the 11 individuals banned by the Italian Football Federation in January over allegations of historical transfer breaches relating to Juventus.

Juventus denied the allegations and appealed the initial sanctions to the Italian Olympic Committee.00184b13 500 

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Paratici was banned for 30 months by the FIGC but was able to continue his role with Spurs because his punishment only fell under the jurisdiction of the Italian football governing body.

However, FIFA announced on Wednesday that FIGC sanctions have been extended globally, prompting Tottenham to request an immediate explanation from the governing body.

In response to the situation, a statement was released by Tottenham:

“Following media reports today regarding the FIFA Disciplinary Committee decision to extend worldwide the sanction imposed by the FIGC Federal Court of Appeals on Fabio Paratici on 20 January 2023, the club made urgent enquiries to FIFA.”

The statement continued, “FIFA has late this afternoon responded to us in writing notifying us today, Wednesday 29 March 2023, that a decision has been made by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee to extend the FIGC sanction worldwide.

This committee deliberation has been taken with no advance notice to any of the parties involved. We are urgently seeking further clarification from FIFA as to the details of the extension and its variance from the FIGC sanction.”

It is unclear what the extension entails and how it differs from the original ban imposed by FIGC.

The ban could have significant consequences for Paratici and Spurs, as the latter seeks to make significant strides in the footballing world.

Fabio Paratici

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Paratici is an important figure in Tottenham’s football operations and his absence could be detrimental to the club’s progress.

In conclusion, Tottenham’s efforts to obtain clarification from FIFA reflect the club’s commitment to ensuring that all individuals within its organization comply with regulations and guidelines.

Paratici’s worldwide ban has raised concerns, and the club is determined to address the issue quickly to protect its interests.

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