Hamas Issues Global Call for Support Amid Escalating Conflict with Israel

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Hamas has called for a ‘mobilization’ of the Arab and Islamic world on Friday ‘in support of Gaza’, describing it as a day of ‘heroism and sacrifice’.

Thousands of Hamas targets have been obliterated by an Israeli aerial bombardment after the terrorists launched a surprise assault that has so far killed at least 900 Israelis.

The terrorist leaders have now called for those in the Arab and Islamic world to ‘mobilise’ and show their support for Hamas and the Palestinian people on Friday.

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They also called on the ‘revolutionary youth’ throughout the West Bank and those in Jerusalem to clash with ‘cowardly’ Israeli soldiers.

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It comes after thousands of Palestinian supporters descended on the Israeli embassy in London, waving flags, singing, and setting off flares.

Hundreds more clashed with Israeli supporters at a London Underground station as police desperately tried to keep the peace.

‘This is an appeal to our Palestinian people and the masses of the Arab and Islamic world and people of the free world,’ the Hamas leaders said on Telegram. ‘We are announcing the general mobilisation on Friday in order to support Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa and the struggling Gaza.’

Hamas Issues Global Call for Support Amid Escalating Conflict with Israel

They called on those in the free world to mobilise their support for Hamas and Palestinians on Friday, describing it as a day ‘to show our love and support for Palestine and Jerusalem’.

While Israel has been able to wipe out thousands of Hamas targets with airstrikes, harrowing clips circulating social media showed how the rockets and bombs also obliterated Palestinian residential blocks, killing hundreds of civilians.

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Israel also ordered a ‘complete siege’ of Gaza, cutting off electricity, fuel, and food for the 2.3 million Palestinians who for the most part were already living in abject poverty.

The four-day-old war has already claimed at least 1,600 lives.

In a response to the savage aerial bombardment of Gaza, Hamas warned late last night it would begin executing Israeli civilian captives.

‘Every targeting of our people without warning will be met with the execution of one of the civilian hostages,’ Hamas’ armed wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, said in a statement.

Hamas militants abducted up to 150 people, including women and children, from Israeli territory and dragged them back to Gaza amid their ruthless slaughter.

‘We have decided to put an end to this and as of now, we declare that any targeting of our people in their homes without prior warning will be regrettably faced with the execution of one the hostages of civilians we are holding,’ Abu Obaida, spokesperson for the Al-Qassam Brigades, later added in a recording released to Al Jazeera.

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