ASEM! Mechanic Crashes Customer’s Ride in Shocking Mishap (+VIDEO)

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

A Nigerian mechanic’s routine task turned into a costly misadventure as he managed to crash a recently purchased brand-new Mercedes Benz while en route to deliver it to its excited owner.

The incident unfolded in Lagos state, leaving the luxury car in a pitiful state and the mechanic in a spot of trouble

Having successfully completed the necessary repairs on the vehicle, the mechanic was on a mission to return the sleek car to its eager buyer, who had just acquired it from a local dealership. However, fate had other plans for the mechanic and the shiny new ride.

Details of how the unfortunate crash occurred remain unclear, but reports confirm that the car ended up lodged face-first into a drainage ditch, a stark contrast to its previously immaculate condition.

The incident took place in the vicinity of Otedola, a location that is now associated with this unexpected spectacle.

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Online reports quickly disseminated a viral video capturing the aftermath of the mishap. The footage showcases the damaged Mercedes Benz, prompting curiosity about the well-being of the mechanic who was behind the wheel during the unfortunate turn of events.


just sold new Mercedes-Benz GLE got accident

♬ original sound – Simple

Information regarding the driver’s condition has yet to be confirmed, leaving many onlookers anxious for updates on his safety.

Concerned residents gathered around the wreckage, and images from the scene reveal the severity of the crash.

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The video ends on an ominous note, leaving viewers eager to discover the extent of the repercussions for the driver, the owner, and the unfortunate luxury car.

As investigations unfold, the story serves as a reminder that even the most routine tasks can take unexpected and dramatic turns.

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