OH AFRICA! Members Crawl Under Pastor’s Leg for New Year Blessings (Video)

By Riddy10 2 Min Read

In a controversial video that surfaced on New Year’s Eve, church members were captured participating in an unusual ritual involving crawling under a pastor’s raised leg.

The footage, reportedly shot in an African country, shows congregants leaving their seats to form a line on their knees, slowly making their way towards the pastor.

Upon reaching him, each individual crawls under his leg, emerging on the other side before standing up to walk away.

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The crawling exercise is said to symbolize crossing over into a better year, though the exact country where this event occurred remains unclear.

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Reactions to the video have been divided, with some expressing shock and disapproval, while others defend the ritual as a unique religious practice.

The footage has gone viral, prompting a global debate on the boundaries of religious traditions and practices.

As the video continues to circulate on social media, it raises questions about the diversity of religious rituals and the extent to which practices should be considered acceptable within the broader context of religious freedom.

The incident has sparked discussions on cultural sensitivity and the line between traditional customs and practices that may be perceived as unconventional.

Watchers are left contemplating whether this event signifies a genuine spiritual experience or if it challenges established norms of religious expression.

The video has ignited a broader conversation on the intersection of faith, tradition, and the evolving landscape of religious practices around the world.

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