Michael Jackson’s son files legal injunction against his grandmother over estate funds

Michael Jackson’s Son Moves To Stop Grandmother’s Access To Estate Money

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Blanket, the 22-year-old son of the legendary Michael Jackson, currently finds himself entangled in a legal tussle with his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, concerning the allocation of his late father’s real estate assets.

Known alternatively as Bigi Jackson, Blanket has taken decisive action by initiating a legal injunction against his grandmother. This legal maneuver aims to prevent Katherine from accessing funds within Michael Jackson’s estate.

An injunction is like a legal order from a court that tells someone to stop doing something or to do something specific. It’s often used in situations where someone’s rights are being violated or there’s a risk of harm if something isn’t stopped or changed.

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Recent revelations from TMZ underscore a notable shift in dynamics between Blanket and Katherine, aged 93. While previously aligned against the custodians of Michael’s estate, Blanket’s stance has evolved following a recent court ruling.

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Michael Jackson’s son files legal injunction against his grandmother over estate funds
Blanket Jackson (AKA. Bigi Jackson)

The documents don’t say exactly what the disagreement is about. However, it might have to do with a big deal the estate recently made with Sony. They reportedly sold half of Michael’s music catalogue for $600million (£475million).

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Blanket and Katherine purportedly contested the aforementioned deal, yet found their arguments rebuffed by the judiciary, ostensibly concluding the legal standoff.

While Katherine contemplates an appeal, Blanket opts for disengagement, expressing dissatisfaction with the estate’s subsidization of her legal expenses.

Echoing his sentiments, Blanket’s legal representatives cast doubt on the prospects of Katherine’s appeal, cautioning against the attendant financial implications that may further erode the estate’s value. Click ‘Next Page’ for remaining story!.

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