Policeman Arrested in S3x Shop Attack: Wife Wanted Big Toys (See Details)

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In a shocking turn of events, Pottawatomie Sheriff’s commander David DeWitt found himself on the wrong side of the law after an altercation at an Oklahoma sex shop.

The incident unfolded on Monday night when DeWitt and his wife were shopping for intimate items.

According to Fox25, DeWitt became visibly upset when his wife selected items that he deemed “bigger than him.”

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Witnesses at the store reported that he raised his hand as if to strike his wife, prompting staff intervention. Ordered to leave the premises, DeWitt allegedly responded with, “F*** you, I’m a cop!”

The situation escalated further when the store clerk, attempting to diffuse the tension, suggested batteries for their purchase.

Policeman Arrested in S3x Shop Attack: Wife Wanted Big Toys

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In response, DeWitt verbally lashed out and physically attacked the clerk, punching him in the face and ribs before causing chaos by tossing merchandise around the store.

The disgraced officer then made a hasty exit in a convertible Bentley.

Despite evading immediate consequences, DeWitt’s night took a turn for the worse when he was pulled over by a state trooper for speeding.

Unaware of the sex shop incident, the trooper was initially lenient but changed course upon hearing about the alleged assault.

Policeman Arrested in S3x Shop Attack: Wife Wanted Big Toys

DeWitt now faces charges of misdemeanor assault and has been suspended without pay pending a thorough investigation.

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The incident shines a light on the unexpected places where law enforcement officers can find themselves entangled in controversy, prompting questions about accountability and professional conduct.

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