President Muhammadu Buhari Agrees To The Establishment Of Nigerian Diaspora Investment Trust Fund

By Prince Ubaha 3 Min Read

The President of the federal republic of Nigeria has okay the establishment of Nigerian Diaspora Investment Trust Fund.
This trust fund is a privatized business and serve as a route for Nigerians abroad to finance investments.

This latest endorsement and development is targeted to boost the Development Index of the country and aid investment.


The President also took the opportunity to express gratitude to Nigerians who have made the country proud. He further added that most Nigerians in diaspora have contributed globally to investment and business.

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Here is the full statement made by the President:

‘‘Irrespective of the few bad eggs among us, and every nation has such bad eggs, Nigeria remains a great country, populated by great people, living at home or abroad, making us proud.

‘‘This compendium attests to that fact and the names of people and the fields they have excelled speak about their resilience and how exceptional Nigerians, both at home and abroad, have become.’’

‘‘No one else will do so for us. Rather, other people will tend to capitalise on the few bad eggs and characterise us in their own narratives, narratives that seek to characterise us in bad light. We must not allow that to happen.

‘‘As we launch the compendium of excellent Nigerians today, we are also celebrating some of our best, nationally and globally.

‘‘I call on every Nigerian, irrespective of where they may be, to continue to be of exemplary behaviour and with determination to offer quality services that contribute to the progress of humanity.’’

‘‘Nigerians in the Diaspora are our Ambassadors-at-large by their character, comportment and daily actions.


‘‘They should be the best and excel in all their endeavours and they should ‘give back’ by contributing to the development of Nigeria.’’

Moreover, Buhari applauded the Diaspora Commission for their efforts in ensuring that the Nigerians in Diaspora are engage with the country’s investment vision.

The President added:

‘‘Rebuilding Nigeria is not the responsibility of Nigerians who live at home alone but of every Nigerian irrespective of the place of domicile.’’

Additionally, the Chairman/CEO of NiDCOM, Dabiri-Erewa added that the current administration are concerned about Nigerians living abroad hence would want them to replicate some investment ideologies in their mother’s land.

She also added that despite the activities of some bad Nigerians abroad, who have not represented the country well, others have done well in various sphere of profession.


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