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Are you looking for a website/blog to publish your song (upload your songs) for free?

You have come to the right place, we at will help you to upload your songs (music) onto our website at no cost.

In the form below, you will be able to submit your musical works to use for publication, be it music (audio), a music video, or an album or ep.

How to Upload/Submit Your Music/Songs

Here at Townflex we do not accept or attach direct download links of your audio file, but instead, we will encourage you to submit in the form below details about your music/video, make sure to include a link to the digital/streaming platform hosting your song, and also if it is a video attach in the post, the link to the video.

In The Submission Form Below


  • Here in this field, you will tell us the title of your song/video and the name of artistes


  • In the content field, you are to tell us more about yourself as an artiste.
  • Which genre your song is, producer of the song, and featured artistes.
  • Also, include the release date.
  • Indicate whether it is a single release or part of an album/ep.
  • Write telling us about the song you are submitting, let us know what the song is about.
  • Now you will have to the link of the song (Single or album) from digital/streaming platforms like Audiomack et. or video link from youtube.

Featured Image (Cover Artwork)

  • In this field, you are expected to select the official cover artwork for your song which will be used as a featured image for the post.

Your Email

  • Now in this field, you are to enter your email, this email will help us send you the link of your post, once it gets published on our site.


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